Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Utica Shale Ohio Large County Maps Index

Utica Shale Ohio - LARGE County Maps and Data
With color-coded well paths and bottom hole locations based on well status.

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Carroll (Dec 30, 2017)
Belmont  (Sep 10, 2016)
Columbiana (Sep 10, 2016)
Guernsey (Sep 10, 2016)
Harrison (Sep 10, 2016)
Jefferson (Sep 10, 2015)
Mahoning Aug 29, 2015)
Monroe (Sep 10, 2016)
Noble (Sep 10, 2016)
Portage (Dec 13, 2014)
Trumbull (Aug 29, 2014)
Tuscarawas (Aug 29, 2015)
Washington (Dec 13, 2014)

Most counties, not all. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Utica Shale County Maps in Ohio - Launch

Ohio's Utica Shale or Point Pleasant Shale has seen a lot of activity in recent years. And while the future development of the play will always be driven by economics, the limited supply of fossil fuels should dictate continued interest. As someone who has been in the oil and gas industry for 30 years, I have seen many highs and lows and booms and busts. It is surely a cycle, driven by many factors, but a cycle nonetheless. There will be ups and downs. We need to accept uncertainty, enjoy the good times but know that mother nature, political unrest, economic ups and downs, technology, supply, demand, and other factors will always impact oil and gas exploration, development, and production activities.

The purpose of this blog is to provide mostly maps and some data by counties in Ohio. The blog will also provide a larger display format dedicated mostly to maps.

I am starting out with just a few of the popular counties but will add counties over time so you might check back occasionally to see what has changed.